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Travel And Be Kind While At It  

Yellow Hat Travels encourages traveling this incredible God-given earth and being kind to your fellow humans while doing it.  We foster great connections and incomparable travel experiences. 

From Yellow Hat Travels, you're getting trip planning and group trips travel made possible from a team of certified travel specialists.

Services offered?

 * Group Trips - whether you are a solo traveller tired of waiting for others to travel, or if you are a couple wanting to explore the world and meeting new friends while also enjoying your free days away from the group, or you are a group of friends or a family who just wants to get away and not stress about admin - this is your home. 

* Private Trips - you prefer to travel on your own dates, own budget and privately, not with a group, this is yours. Simply contact us with your dates, budget and your destination of choice. 

* Solocations - you want to embark on a solo trip, to enjoy your own space and time - we are happy to reccomend great and safe destinations for solo travellers. Solo travelling is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Nothing better than entrusting your travel dreams to people that know the ins and outs of travelling first-hand.

Plan your own vacation

Prefer to travel on your own, then allow us to plan your own vacation to suit your requirements and budget. Tell us more about your request.

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