About us

What sets Yellow Travels apart...

At Yellow Travels, you are receiving a service from people that are fascinated by your decision to travel.

We’re all about hearing the constant buzz of people talking at the airport. We can’t say no to an aisle walk in the plane looking for our seat.

This is why you are getting a professional travel service that feels like home from a team of experienced travel specialists.

Travelling locally or abroad, solo or with your squad, you’re no doubt getting your ‘Booking Confirmed’ message.

With Yellow Travels, you are joining a cool bunch of travellers who have walked the Thailand beaches, rode on the Bali swing hanging over rice fields, sipped on bubbly on sunset cruise rides in Santorini, shopped in Dubai malls and killed it at a Zanzibar beach party.

We’re travellers ourselves and we just love the subtle excitement we feel seeing a flight attendant coming over and asking, ‘can I get you anything?’

From weekend getaways, romantic vacays, and group trips right in South Africa, to island-hopping in stunning islands around the world, to champagne and wine tastings in France and Italy, Yellow Travels team handles each special detail in order to give you the freedom to enjoy your adventure – all you have to do is show up.​​

We live for Travel

That you are finally getting to visit that country you can’t stop thinking about is what we vibe with.

Whether you need advice or tips on filling those Visa application forms

…searching for a country that matches your budget, struggling to find cool people to travel with, or just unsure how to start, just compose your email using travel@yellowhattravels.com, press send and we’ll do the things so you can start packing.  

We are travellers ourselves

…having been to more than 67 countries – we know what ruins a vacation and what doesn’t.